Modern production equipment is
the key to Yidong core competitiveness

Equipment is important tool for production and also a key link that reflects production
capacity of an enterprise. Having advanced production equipment is an important symbol of achieving
modern enterprise objective for Yidong.
Environment protection

When “environment” has increasingly become the most concerned topic of mankind, we often think what else can we do.

Energy conservation

To obtain maximum working efficiency by minimum energy consumption is not just a slogan to us.


Yidong always adheres to tenet and practice of product quality safety and provides quality product and service to consumers.

Our technological innovation
Innovation and differential technology are footstones of Yidong sustainable operation. Adhering to the corporate values of honesty, innovation, team work and leadership, our research team works actively, makes the best use of and integrates corporate recourses, creates handsome profit and commercial value and pursues excellence and perfect results.
Our market distribution
Europe: Germany, Britain, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Greece, Estonia, Czech republic, Belgium, etcAmerica: The United States, Mexico and BrazilAfrica:South Africa
Other:the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore, Australia, New Zealand
Our biggest advantage lies in your understanding, support,
encouragement and trust.
The happiness of mankind lies in striving and striving for the ideals is
most valuable.